Feb. 4th, 2009

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YES FINALLY. The idiots brilliant businessmen who own Silver have decided to reopen on February 13, just in time for my favorite holiday. Took them three months to decide to sell the building and relocate a couple miles east, since apparently it cost less to lease the new place than to renovate. It's not a bad move necessarily, though, since mutants seems to be snatching up housing on East Houston abandoned after Apocalypse. It's like a mutant Chinatown or Chelsea there. (I wonder what it'll become known for. Chinatown has cheap purse knockoffs and Chelsea has porn. Maybe cheaply produced porn?) Of course that means making nice with a new police precinct, which is a pain in the ass because it took forever to get the 5th off our backs.

Bah. It'll be nice to get a second paycheck again, though. My meager receptionist salary is not enough to sustain my luxurious lifestyle. (Hear that, Betsy? I need a raise!)

Angie, do you want to come to the framers' with me so we can look at how to hang up your tarot cards? I bullied the manager into making it a business expenditure, so we've got a decent budget for it, too.


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