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I don't know about all y'all, but I feel just fine. You poor schmucks.
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My favorite television show is 10 years old and VH1 is celebrating it tonight. Viewing party at my place, complete with the appropriate enhancements to properly enjoy Spongebob.


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Michael Jackson tribute at Silver tomorrow. We've lost one of the greatest musical artists ever known.
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Next time there's an election in California, I'm going to vote. Early and often.

Can't wait until we see this extended to mutants and humans!
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Just a reminder, Eurovision party at my place tonight. Everyone is invited. I have liquor from all 18 semi-finalist countries, and whichever is the best gets my 12 points for the finals. (Doesn't matter that I'm not European, there was easy ways around that.)
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Twelve more days until Eurovision week, the best three nights of television of the year. It's a goddamn retro circuit party.

I'm liking Germany's entry (and Dita von Teese will be dancing on stage, brraow) and Iceland's, and a little disappointed with Sweden's (she's a fucking opera singer, who decided she should do shitty pop? Leave that to the professionals). Israel's sucks, but that's not a surprise, they haven't had a decent entry since Dana International in 1998, and before that not since Ofra Haza in 1983. This kid from Norway is cute and has a very strong voice (also, violin!) but he has no stage presence. I just don't understand Belgium's or Bulgaria's, so to be safe maybe they should be booted from the EU. And look, James McAvoy is apparently Bosnian (and not a good singer, either).

Ultimately, though, Serbia should win (omg this guy is awesome):

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No one appreciates the performing arts around here. Fine theater is not limited to Shakespeare, thank you very much.

In any event, I'm going on a field trip on Friday. I expect it to be very educational, and because it is a field trip to a conference on mutant issues, also suspect to the Great Field Trip Curse. Riots are inevitable, so those don't count. Maybe there will be zombies. We haven't seen zombies yet, have we?
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imw comgin in late to worksa toimorrow. got my godamn write shot at and brokenw so you fuck you i, partaking in the festitivities tonigt. i hope evyerone else ins coding the same. h0orray beeeer

fuck it this is really hard to do with jsut one hasnfd
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YES FINALLY. The idiots brilliant businessmen who own Silver have decided to reopen on February 13, just in time for my favorite holiday. Took them three months to decide to sell the building and relocate a couple miles east, since apparently it cost less to lease the new place than to renovate. It's not a bad move necessarily, though, since mutants seems to be snatching up housing on East Houston abandoned after Apocalypse. It's like a mutant Chinatown or Chelsea there. (I wonder what it'll become known for. Chinatown has cheap purse knockoffs and Chelsea has porn. Maybe cheaply produced porn?) Of course that means making nice with a new police precinct, which is a pain in the ass because it took forever to get the 5th off our backs.

Bah. It'll be nice to get a second paycheck again, though. My meager receptionist salary is not enough to sustain my luxurious lifestyle. (Hear that, Betsy? I need a raise!)

Angie, do you want to come to the framers' with me so we can look at how to hang up your tarot cards? I bullied the manager into making it a business expenditure, so we've got a decent budget for it, too.
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All things considered, this was a good week. Why?

Yeah. That's why. Of course I already downloaded it weeks ago when it was leaked, but now I can get the real thing. Merry Britmas!
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David Archuleta's album came out today. I am a happy consumer whore.
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To put things in perspective, I guess now Madonna's divorce doesn't seem so bad.
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whatever makes her happy i guess :(
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She needs moar outfits.
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It's nice to know that amidst the threat of nuclear war and global catastrophe, there is still some faint glimmer of good in the world: Thomas Beatie has given birth to a healthy baby girl. Mazel tof.

Also, was Bastion seriously suggesting creating the mutant Justice League? I don't think the UN has the budget for a space station headquarters.

Also also, I has hair again. Oh, how I've missed it. Getting my nose pierced again soon, too. Maybe I'll even be allowed to start drinking and smoking. I almost feel like a normal human being.

Also also also, I've been very quiet about this whole thing because I didn't want to get my hopes up, but the new NKotB and Menudo songs suck. So hard. I was really hoping for something new and good yet pleasantly retro and nostalgic. Instead, both bands are still stuck in the worst part of '90s music, like they're trying to appeal directly to their old audiences. PS. you're in your thirties now, stop trying to be 14.

At least my favorite ode to lipstick lesbianism is still number one.
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Back at Silver Friday, back to SV . . . whenever my leave is used up.

I'm really hungry. First person to my apartment with a burrito gets free drinks on Friday.
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So, I died and then came back to life three days later. This obviously means that I am Jesus. I will be a benevolent God, but offerings are accepted.
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